Littlest Pet Shop: Whirl Around Playground Playset

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Littlest Pet Shop: Whirl Around Playground Playset Description

Product description Your beloved pets never had it so good! A playground just for these adorable bobble-head animals! When your pets need to let off a little steam, this Whirl Around pet playground has something for every energy level. At the tippy-top is a wind-up tree house swing set that twirls two pets on swings and two more riding in the tree canopy. A curvy slide sends pets zipping down to the bottom on a sled. At ground level, there is an obstacle course that kids can race pets through using the sliding lever and a merry-go-round that spins three pets at a time. For pets that need a rest, an elevator takes them up to a second-story café or a hammock suspended between the two buildings beckons them for a snooze. All pets are fitted with a magnet in one foot, which allows them to hang onto the sled, swing, merry-go-round, or obstacle course and roots them to the hammock and other perches throughout the playground. This playset comes with two pets—a puppy with sunglasses and a mouse—and several accessories, including a bed, sled, and food dish. When play is done, this set folds up for storage or to travel to a friend’s house. –Cristina Vaamonde

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